1. Document Format

The file needs to be in MS Word format.

2. Length of the Title

The title of the article should be brief, preferably within 12 words.

3. Length of the Article

The length of the article should be within 1800 words.

4. Content Writing Instructions and Plagiarism Check

The contents should be in standard and easy language. Any attacking personal opinion and misleading statement towards any person/ organization/ country will not be accepted.The following pointers are suggested to prepare a good article.

  • 1. Introduction/ background/ context of the topic/ problem of the article.
  • 2. Interpretation and organization of the logic/ data related to the article.
  • 3. Inclusion of visual aids i.e. flow charts and pointed recommendation.
  • 4. Data/ research based proofs/ progress/ reference in support of the recommendation.
  • 5. Overall the statements should be factual and objective oriented.

Topics/ Area of concerns: As a Supply Chain specialized magazine, The Supply Chain Street (TSCS) encourages the articles to be Supply Chain focused based on Data/ Research, previous experience and best industrial practices. However, being a business magazine TSCS also happy to accommodate a few other article which is written on any important/ burning topics that the professionals can get benefited from.
* The suggested format can vary depending on the topic of the article.

5. Spelling & Grammar Checks

All the sentences needs to be grammatically correct. The authors are recommended to use grammar checking software like Grammarly.

6. Notes/ Endnotes

Notes/ Endnotes use only where deemed absolutely necessary

  • Consecutively numbered
  • Enclosed in square brackets
  • Listed at the end of the article

7. Pictures & Figures

The relevant High Quality (HQ) pictures need to be provided by the authors. The authors are requested to send at least 6 (six) pictures along with article in zipped file. For convenience the authors are recommended to use freepik’s website (please select the picture option while searching).

  • Relevant & Legible
  • Numbered consecutively

8. Graph & Tables

Graph presented with illustration must be in editable excel file (graphs & charts), if not possible must notice to TSCS.

  • Position of each table clearly labelled in the body text of article.
  • Corresponding labels clearly shown. If the illustration/ flow chart has more than four blocks. It will be accommodated in 2 (two) columns on a page.

9. Data Sources & References

Mention data source & references, and check for completeness, accuracy and consistency.

10. Permissions

Permissions need to be cleared and in place for any non-original content (i.e. content that has been reproduced from another source). Permission/ data source to use in place for any of the following content types: Tables, Illustrations, Figures, Diagrams, Adaptations of exiting published research, Photographs, Online images, images taken from websites, Content previously assigned to another publisher and Quotations.

11. Writer’s Declaration

If an article is submitted to TSCS, it is prohibited for writer to publish the same article on any other. If the article is getting published in any other platform, it’s need to be notified at the time of submitting the article. TSCS committee will hold the decision whether the article will get published or not.

12. Writer’s Information

Providing information

  • 1) Full name of each contributing writer
  • 2) Affiliation for each contributing writer (reflecting location at time of research)
  • 3) Brief professional biography for each contributing writer
  • 4) Cell and email address of the corresponding writer
  • 5) Mailing Address to courier the magazine
  • 6) Submit a passport size professional photo (minimum 20KB) on neutral background (preferably white)
  • 7) Mention separately the short form of bio for publishing such as: Name, Professional affiliation/ license (max 3-4), Designation/ position, Company/ organization.

13. Authority Reservation

The TSCS team will assess and evaluate all the submitted articles. Only articles that fulfill all the assessment and evaluation criteria will be published. TSCS does not ensure to publish all the submitted write-ups/ articles. The TSCS team reserves the authority for reviewing and editing the article (if necessary), in that case the authors will be notified.